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Gio’s Italian Community Kitchen:As our name, the ethos of Gio’s is to deliver to the best of our capabilities, related services to the local community. Our priority is to tackle and provide solutions to ever growing common problems such as below listed:

§ Awareness workshops related to unhealthy eating habits, a well known cause of many illness.

§ Isolation and discard of elderly people and disadvantaged families. By delivering fun learning activity luncheon clubs and delivering healthy meals for those with mobility problems.

§ To offer a friendly focal meeting point for the community, somewhere for all to meet up.§ Long term training courses, for an opportunity to gain employment and life skills.

§ No barrier food workshops to encourage ethnic and social cohesion.§ Our key onsite location allows us to relate to local people and thus create a long term bond of trustful friendship enabling us to deliver sustainable essential services.

§ A POP-UP facility to engage students and others wishing to pursue a career in the catering industry.

§ To deliver the Food & Hygiene Level 2 Certificate – For safe food handling code of conduct.§

The possibility to set up as self employed, through training programs via Gio’s branding.Program and workshop theme activities:§ No barrier food workshops. (Open to ethnics minorities and people with disabilities).

§ Dementia Cafe’ – (Traditional dishes and bespoke product user friendly activities..

§ Vegetarian and Vegan menus with local bio-farm produce.§ Food allergies & tolerance workshops.§ Learning to cook on a low budget.

§ Cooking healthy meals with food bank produce.§ Seasonal cakes making lesson.§ Fitness workouts combined to healthy diet program.§ Food allergies and tolerance workshops.

§ Food & Hygiene Certificate Level 2 – For safe food handling code of conduct.§ Children cooking workshops.

§ Fresh Pasta making workshops for all.

§ Sourcing of good value for money produce.Recent Statistics: Just take a moment to read through some alarming statistics.


So please consider helping us however possible. It would be deeply appreciated by all.



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